Strengthen your defenses against hackers and cyberattacks

End-to-end protection for your business technologies

TekaByte can create a robust security environment that protects your infrastructure and data from external and internal threats. Our security specialists have extensive experience in advising business owners across multiple industries on how to prevent data breaches. You can rest easy knowing our comprehensive solutions will keep your network and data safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

What’s included in our Cybersecurity services

Vulnerability Assessment

A thorough analysis that identifies security gaps in your computers, network, and web applications

Penetration Testing

Understand the methods hackers use to attack your systems and plan your defenses to keep them out


Quickly detect security breaches and improve your incident response activities

Managed Antivirus

Safeguard your sensitive data from malware, ransomware, and other hacker attacks

Patch Management

Give your team the best tools by keeping your hardware and software up to date

Dark Web Monitoring

Get a notification when your personal information and critical data are compromised before hackers can exploit them

Spam Protection

Immediately detect and delete spam emails before they reach your inbox

Web Content Filtering

Block access to websites that contain inappropriate content or destructive malware

Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees so they can spot cyberattacks and prevent a breach

Take the first step towards total security

Our Cybersecurity solutions provide multiple layers of security so all your applications will run optimally, and your data and network will be secure 24/7. When every aspect of your office IT is well protected, your staff will become more productive and you can avoid the costs resulting from damaged or stolen files and productivity-sapping downtime.